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FREE NOW is mobility as a service provider headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. FREE NOW was formed in February 2019 from a joint venture between BMW and Daimler Mobility. Marc Berg is CEO of the FREE NOW Group. The FREE NOW Group is the vehicle for hire vertical of this joint venture; other services within the vertical include Beat, Clever, Hive, and Kapten. FREE NOW is one of the largest vehicles for hire companies in Europe.

Angee posted a review about App Taxi on App Grooves on September 9, 2020:

"This app is not reliable and it creates needless issues for both customers and drivers. Firstly, it stops working randomly. Also, though I preselected the tip for the card payment, no tip was applied, as I could see later. Plus the amount of money for the trip remains blocked in my bank account for days before the payment goes through. And, if you forget something in the car, you cannot contact the driver or some sort of dispatch/support for QUICK assistance."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"New CEO caused total team turnover by bringing in an unpopular executive staff. Three months of unhappiness followed by literally the entire product and engineering team leaving."

Former Employee - Developer says

"Poor management. CTO micromanaged every aspect of development: No Agile. No Waterfall. No project management whatsoever. Impulsive decision making from CTO. Contradictory decision making from executive team. Nepotism. The CEO hired two of his nannies and his nephew for jobs within the company. Yappy dog running around the office. Lack of growth: Stagnant company burning through investors money. What has Flywheel done with the millions and millions of dollars they receive? Turnover: Seems like everyday there's a new dev to replace one that quit / was fired for disagreeing with CTO."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Getting crushed by Uber and on the wrong side of the trend. CEO does not know what to do."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"CEO, Upper Management, Work/Life Balance, consistency. ZERO company culture, basically just working to collect paychecks and leaving. Everyone who works at this company hates working there. At least 5 people I worked with are looking for new employment, I was lucky enough to find it and get out! Worst CEO/Manager I've ever had in my life. Absolutely atrocious. Steve Humphreys had a vision and worked hard to achieve it, Rakesh is arrogant and flat out awful. Recommend to a friend? No chance, I wouldn't even recommend to an enemy."

Former Employee - Sales says

"Management has no idea about the basics of business. A Stanford University club; very clique"

Former Employee - Anonymous says

"Unprofessional Executives, Executives Favor Personally Acquainted Employees VS. Talent, Lack of Company Direction, No Company Culture Present, No Stability Retaining Employees, Poor Employee Appreciation."

Former Employee - Operations says

"Tons of politics, strictly a top down structure, not resourced to get your job done, the drivers you serve or at best unappreciative of what you do, at worst hostile, no culture."

Product Management says

"- Fairly unsuccessful business model - Lack of growth - Getting beaten out by competitors - Heard new executive team are micro-mangers and terrible"

Former Employee - Brand Ambassador says

"-Event marketing -so I didn't get to know my schedule for the next month in the summer months -Talking to people to get them to download the application got tiresome, but if you have a lot of energy it's good -Manager set the bar high for how many downloads she wanted and so almost all the time we didn't reach the goal that can become a let down and then can lead to employees not caring about the goal"